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   Lab Of Test Center
 Detection of quality and technical supervision of Hangzhou Institute Testing Center  Zhejiang Xiaoshan Exit Inspection and Quarantine Inspection Center
 Agricultural and sideline products in Hangzhou Test Center  Animal and plant inspection and quarantine stations in Hangzhou Test Center
 Measuring the quality of Yuhang District of Hangzhou Test Center  Hangzhou Hi-tech insulating materials testing center
 Yuhang District, Hangzhou Textile Testing Center  Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing Center in Hangzhou
 Detection of Yuhang District, Hangzhou Institute Testing Center  Yuhang District, Hangzhou Test Center of Quality and Technical Supervision
 Yuhang District, Hangzhou Test Center Logistics  Yuhang District, Hangzhou Test Center of Agriculture
 Hangzhou City Commercial aseptic canning Testing Center  Hangzhou Food Microbiology Testing Center
 Zhejiang Anji Testing Center is the Czech Republic  Changxing of Quality and Technical Supervision and Test Center
 Anji EPA Testing Center  Quality and Technical Supervision Testing Center of Anji
 Anji Bamboo Industry Testing Center  Changxing County, Textile Testing Center
 Zhoushan seafood aquatic products and Testing Center  Centers for Disease Control, Hangzhou Xiaoshan
 Testing Center of Zhejiang Province, wire and cable  Dunhuang City, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
 Quality and Technical Supervision Testing Center of Yunnan Province  Yunnan Honghe City State Quality and Technical Supervision and Test Center
 Pingxiang, Guangxi Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laboratory Center  Jintan City Product Quality Supervision and Test Center Board
 Anhui Environmental Monitoring Center langxi  Sun City Environment Monitoring Center
 Quality and Technical Supervision Testing Center of Deqing  Changzhou Institute for Drug Control Food and Drug Testing Center
Suzhou Food and Drug Institute for Drug Control and Test Center Qinhuangdao Entry Quarantine Bureau Testing Center
Immigration and Quarantine Bureau, Tianjin Test Center Entry Quarantine Bureau Danyang Test Center
Huzhou Textile Testing Center National Building Hardware Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center
National textile fabric inspection Hometextile Arts Center National aquatic products and processed foods for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
Group subordinate enterprise lab
Group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Shandong Luneng Group
China Petrochemical Corporation Honghe Group Yunnan
Jiangsu Shagang Group Beijing Huiyuan Group
Shanghai Xin Group Association Huzhou Construction Group
Yangzhou Suyuan Group U.S.Group Zhejiang
Taihu Lake in Huzhou Central Group Wuxi Guolian Group ECO Energy
Group Wuxi Association Beijing Sander Group
Thunis Shanghai Unisplendour Zhejiang Environmental Protection
Zonghuai Steel Special Steel Co., Ltd Jiangsu Salt Industry Group
unified group in Taiwan Zhejiang Petrochemical Corporation
Huaguang Group, Jiangsu Shanxi coal Huozhou Group
Link Group, Zhejiang Tracts Eagle Group, Zhejiang
Wai Kee Holdings, Hong Kong Everbright Group in Hong Kong
amber Group in Hong Kong Taiwan Sheng-wen Group
   Dyeing and printing industry in the laboratory
Huzhou Textile Industrial City Sheng Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Wuxi text
Shanghai Worldbest Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Huayuan Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Kunshan
Hengxin Changxing Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Changhsingian Heng Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. China
Zhejiang Printing & Dyeing Group Co., Ltd.U.S. world of printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang
Mega Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Anhui Wujiang Shengyang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.
   Laboratory research institutions
Jiangsu Institute of Microbiology Jintan Huadong Chemical Research Institute
Research Institute of Zhejiang Ling Wuxi Institute of pump glib
Yixing Ceramic Research Institute Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Sixth Research Institute of Science and Industry Group 46 Shanxi Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Design and Research Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang second Research and Design Institute of Nuclear Industry
   Biotechnology Laboratory
Nanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangyin current
Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi China Wuxi Emerald Solar Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. U.S. Branch Macro Micro Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang
Kunming Optical Sheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. al hisn U.S. biotechnology and Culture (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
Rongli Jiujiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Paul Wujiang Ke Hua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Hengmao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Tongxiang Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Feiying Zhejiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan Airlines
Jinnuo Yunnan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Ainol Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi
Wuhan biotechnology Sanli Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi Yangshan Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
   Drinking water laboratory
Anji Lake Water Treatment Plant Anji West Water Treatment Plant
Wangsimni Quzhou waterworks Fung Huzhou Xinda in the United States water plant
Nanxun Huzhou Water Works Shuanglin Huzhou Water Works
Huzhou Water Works waterworks Changhsingian
Zhejiang Xileng beer Co., Ltd. margin Food Co., Ltd. Hangzhou flavor
Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Huitong Water Co., Ltd. Neimenggu Kangbashi No.1 Water Factory
Investment in water works Co., Ltd. Wuxi fat Kirin Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai
Zhejiang Tianyi Food Additives Co., Ltd. Taoyuan County Food Co., Ltd.
   Laboratory of Electric Power Industry
Caojing plant in Shanghai (2 100 million watt supercritical units) Wuqiangxi Hunan Power Plant (2 30 million watt Group)
Xiasha Zhejiang Thermal Power Plant Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou gas blue
Zhejiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Tak to natural gas Jing Xing Zhejiang Natural Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Constant Novel Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang
OurGame yizheng Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Huzhou South Tai Lake Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
SU Sheng Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Suzhou Suzhou Soochow Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.
Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Suzhou Chun-Su Hang solid waste Xuzhou Dragon Power Company Limited
Taicang Xin Association Solid Waste Incineration Power Company Limited more environmentally-friendly thermoelectric benefits Wuxi Co., Ltd.
benefits Wuxi Co., Ltd. joint waste incineration power generation Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Wuxi benefits in conjunction
Union Cogeneration Co., Ltd. Wuxi Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Wuxi Federation
Shenzhen Shandong Nuclear Power Engineering Company Ltd. Guoneng Sheyang biological Power Company Limited
Association Puyuan Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Xin environmental First Baotou Thermal Power Plant (2 30 million watt Group)
Hunan Yiyang Power Company Limited II (2 60 supercritical unit kilowatts) Rosen Wujiang Chemical Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant
Lanxi Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Environmental Association Xin Thermoelectric Energy Co., Ltd. Huzhou City
Huzhou Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Company Limited Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Huzhou unified energy
Huzhou South Tai Lake Energy Limited Huozhou coal gangue power plant
coal Huozhou Group Co., Ltd. Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Anhui Golden Resources (1 75 million watt group)
Suzhou Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Blue Sky natural gas thermoelectric CLP Universal (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Thermoelectric biomass
   Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory
Xishan District Wuxi City Sewage Treatment Plant Huzhou United States Xinda Sewage Treatment Plant
Taicang Port Sewage Treatment Plant Xinanjiang Jiande Sewage Treatment Plant
Changhsingian Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. Pu folder Changxing County Sewage Treatment Plant
Huzhou Municipal Engineering Corporation, a sewage treatment plant tourist resort area in Taihu Lake in Huzhou sewage treatment works
Huzhou Phoenix Sewage Treatment Plant Persil Huzhou Sewage Treatment Plant
Dongjiao Huzhou Sewage Treatment Plant Meicun Wuxi New District Sewage Treatment Plant
Wuxi Xincheng Wastewater Treatment Plant sewage treatment plant in Wuxi dongting
Yang Wuxi City Sewage Treatment Plant Wuxi Shi Lau Tong Wan Sewage Treatment Plant
Luoshe Wuxi Co., Ltd. a comprehensive sewage treatment Wuxi Tai Hu Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Qian Hui Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. Wuxi Huishan
Nanxun Zhejiang Sewage Treatment Plant Anji City Sewage Treatment Plant
Xishan Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Xinanjiang Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II
Wuxi anzhen Sewage Treatment Plant Jiang Yunting Sewage Treatment Plant
goose Wuxi Chau Sewage Treatment Works Wuxi Zhang Jing Sewage Treatment Plant
   Hospital Laboratory
Zhangjiagang People's Hospital Wuxi People's Hospital
Chinese medicine hospital in Huzhou City Huzhou City Hospital Emergency Center
Mercy Hospital, Zhejiang Huzhou Fifth People's Hospital
Zhangjiagang Center Anji Si'an Hospital
Linfen City Rehabilitation Hospital Su major subsidiary of First People's Hospital
Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical College Fourth People's Hospital of Wuxi City
   Cement Plant Laboratory
Shu Zhang Yixing Cement Factory Ichikawa port Yixing Cement Factory
Qinglongshan Yixing City Cement Co., Ltd. Cement Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Three Lions
Meishan Changxing cement cement factory in Huzhou City Metro
East Huzhou state-bin JIANG Lei cement limited Company Hangzhou Junda Cement Co., Ltd.
   PSB Laboratory
Nanchang City Public Security Bureau Nanchang City Public Security Bureau Branch
Longchuan County Public Security Bureau of Yunnan Province medical room penalties techniques Dehong Yunnan Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Technology Section
Luzhou, Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau DNA Testing Center the second phase project of Luzhou City Public Security Bureau
   Steel laboratory
Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd. Zonghuai Steel Special Steel Co., Ltd.
at Xingcheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Baotou Iron and Steel Plant
Wuhu Hengda Sheet Co., Ltd. sheet Kimmit Anhui Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Co., Ltd. a total roll-chang Metal Co., Ltd. Changshu
   Medical equipment laboratory
medical supplies Co., Ltd. Changzhou Baoli medical supplies Wit Taicang Co., Ltd.
Wing Jiangsu Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Huayu Co., Ltd. medical equipment research and development
medical equipment Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Oticon new micro-Beijing Rayleigh Instruments
Taiyuan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Wuxi Fontaine Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
   Pharmaceutical laboratory
Nantong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ning Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
Smith Barney Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ling Feng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong
is Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Tangshan Kai Xing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Xi'an Kanghui Taizhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Jiashan Prudential limited Company Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
   University Laboratory
East China University of Science and Technology Beijing University of Technology
National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, Hunan, Jiangxi University
Wuxi Jiangnan University Yangzhou Normal
Anhui University of Science and Technology Suzhou College of Engineering
Suzhou Institute of Water Suzhou Institute of balance
Nantong Medical College Guiyang Medical College
   Chemical laboratory
Sony Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang system Chemical Co., Ltd. Weifang Han
Zhejiang Offshore Oil Chemical Co., Ltd. Yinchuan Su Rong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Kaisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhongren Zhejiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Qiao Xing Chemical Co., Ltd. puya Changzhou Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sichuang Anlin Chemical Co., Ltd. Devi Gansu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Suzhou SK Chemical Co., Ltd. Aberdeen Chemical Co., Ltd. Yunnan
coastal Licheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Yixing Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd.
been looking Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd. Suzhou Hengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hunan Modern Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
   Industrial company laboratory
Hengtian Jiangxi Industrial Co., Ltd. Constance Industrial Co., Ltd., Ningbo
Nanjing linghao Industrial Co., Ltd. Ghali Nam Cheong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ling of Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
   Mineral enterprise laboratory
Silver Star Energy polysilicon Ningxia Co., Ltd. Sichuan Polysilicon Co., Ltd.
Taibai gold ore Shaanxi Co., Ltd. Nanjing Lead-Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. Shigeru silver
Nanyang Diamond Co., Ltd. Henan Zhongnan Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
   Other laboratories
Hubei Dongfeng Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Westphalia Shiyan Hubei Co., Ltd.
more source Shanghai Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yue Feng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Anji Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Worldbest Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.
Mengzhou City Xinyuan Co., Ltd decoration materials market in Nanchang City boutique
Around Taihu Lake in Huzhou City Group Co., Ltd. Center Huzhou City technology start-ups
Qing Yunnan to school O 5 546 units
Nanchang District Qingyun confluence decorative materials and the United States Zhoushan Chen Yu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Installation of the China National Machinery Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. Ltd. Lianyungang Page
can wang Zhejiang Co., Ltd. Kunming Legislative Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Senwei Precision Forging Co., Ltd. Ruijin Austrian packaging Shaoxing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd. Huanggang Beijing Huiyuan Group Co., Ltd. Dangshan Branch
Ridong spinning (China) Co., Ltd. Danyang Alloy Co., Ltd.
Hebei Jidong Oilfield Supply Co., Ltd. solder Zhejiang Huayang Co., Ltd.
-tsan levy Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. Huitong Wujiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi China Changzhou Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Spice Co., Ltd. Guangxi Richvast Wuxi Seiko Decoration Project Co., Ltd
Danyang Auxiliary Boiler Factory Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd.
limited filtering technology Zhejiang Heidemann Company oil company Sinopec Huzhou, Zhejiang
Zhejiang Hongda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. Yufeng material Co., Ltd. Wuhan
Source Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Rui Association Wuxi New Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Tape Co., Ltd. Wuxi Belt solid state Wuxi Electrical Co., Ltd.
Jindu Changde City Industrial Co., Ltd. Wuxi and Precision Gear Co., Ltd.
new material Co., Ltd Changzhou, China Ze Ding Jiangsu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Rongcheng Paper Co., Ltd. Chang Lin Kunshan Industrial Purification Products Co., Ltd.
Changzhou High Trading Co., Ltd. Suzhou Medical purifying the United States and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Berson Jiangsu share of new materials for medical Co., Ltd. Walter Huzhou Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Pipe
Wuxi New District Park fat Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hubei Suizhou Zhengfa limited livestock Company Zhejiang Xinan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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